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 Add: No.24-14, Kuanliao Village, Anting Dist, Tainan 74548, Taiwan
 Tel: 886-6-5923401 
 Fax: 886-6-5920610

Company Profile

In 1993, Pin Fu was estabilsh in Tainan, Taiwan. Here in Pin fu, we are a big family and a happy work team. Around 40% of our staff already worked here over 10 years and 25% of them are over 15 years. We have experiencedand professional team. And that is why we are able to work closely with our clients.
From the begging of product development through to final installation. And our design/sales/production team always can provide satisfied service to our clients at each move forward next decade, we will still do the same thing as we do, but even harder.
Pin Fu already provide OEM service to worldwide famous brand for years. And our product also meet with the standard of DIN 4550 class 3 & 4.